Born 1953 in the Philippines, Edgardo Lantin graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Fine Arts in 1976 at the University of Santo Tomas. He worked as a graphic artist upon migrating to Canada in 1981. He pursued his passion for portraiture by attending private art classes with an accomplished and renowned Filipino artist, Sym Mendoza. In 1986, he studied at the Art Student League in New York on a full year scholarship and also took a sculptural anatomy class at the New York Academy of Art.


His first important commission was a portrait of Former Philippine President Corazon Aquino in 1989 which is displayed at the Malacanang Palace Museum. Other distinguished personalities he painted portraits of includes Philanthropist Whitford J. VanDusen which hangs at the foyer of the VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver; Inventor of the first automatic tourniquet system for surgery, Dr. James A. McEwen; well-respected physician, businessman and philanthropist, Dr. Donald B. Rix’ portrait displayed at the British Columbia Cancer Research Centre Library; and of prominent developer and philanthropist, Mr. Milan Ilich


Lantin’s continued dedication, discipline, and attention to minute details contribute to the excellence of his artwork. This is evidenced in the numerous awards presented to him. Most recently in 2004, he received the prestigious Grand Prize Winner award, chosen from 777 entries, for his exceptional rendition of the “Vegetable Vendor” at the Federation of Canadian Artists open international juried 2004 Painting on the Edge.


“Realism is a quality of all great portraits. A portrait tells us the truth and gives us a vivid portrayal of a real person at a specific moment in time.”


Lantin believes that a portrait goes beyond the outward appearance and captures the subject’s essential presence brought about by a spiritual bonding between the artist and his subject to produce an exquisite work of art. He absorbs as much detail about his subject; personality traits, unique mannerisms, feelings and emotions, then transforms these information into a multi-dimensional figure boasting of life and drama.


“This is when the artist can truly articulate his understanding and appreciation of his subject, as the subject bares his or her self to the artist.”


His commitment to each portrait he paints is revealed in the elegance and grace of his finished work. Lantin’s sensitive values are expressed in the care he gives to each piece, giving his heart and soul with every stroke of the brush.


Edgardo Lantin was one of the featured artists published in the October / November 2003 issue of the prestigious International Artist Magazine.